Peter is Head Coach and Co-Owner of Deliberate Strength. As an Athletic Trainer at Gonzaga University for 8 years, strength and conditioning and rehabilitation has been an integral part of his passion and education. Peter takes his background to create a unique blend of fitness that blends movement integrity, strength, and conditioning. While creating Deliberate Strength, he has developed a screening process to ensure that each athlete receives the individualization to achieve their personal goals. “As an athletic trainer I have a background in screening and assessing athletes. With this experience I want to help individuals express and refine their goals to make sure they keep a balance of what they need to work on with what they want to work on."


The physical goals are only a part of what Peter hopes to impart to his students, “I love training and all of it’s intricacies. The world of fitness is an ever changing landscape of what, why, and how things are done. I want to help you sift through all of this information to understand what training means to you. More than that though, I want you to achieve your goals. With the right tools, we all can choose the life we lead. Many people don't realize the power they possess to be able to change their life. My role is to educate and empower people to take control of their health and life through strength, movement, and nutrition coaching. Can you utilize the same process of achieving your physical goals to achieve the goals you have for the rest of your life? We hope to show you, you can!”



Michelle is a coach and Co-owner of Deliberate Strength. As a Division I college athlete, a basketball player at Gonzaga University, sports and training has always been a part of Michelle’s life. Michelle was hired as an assistant coach after graduating and continued her studies earning a Master’s Degree in High School Counseling. “I love being a part of a team and contributing to the development of people. Becoming a fitness coach was a natural move. I love developing relationships with people and fostering an environment of personal growth. We want Deliberate Strength to be that place for people to come and feel uplifted in whatever it is they are trying to achieve."


Deliberate Strength is a platform Michelle is excited to use to reach people right where they are. The physical goals and transformations are only part of what Michelle is excited about seeing at Deliberate Strength. “I have always loved training and competing, but I love people more! I want every single member to contribute and thrive in this community. Where else in our adult lives are we able to be a part of such a thing? Yes, the physical transformations are amazing! But, only as a reflection of inner strength, commitment, and the belief that the change is possible!" 



Caitlyn joined the Deliberate Strength team as a coach, after completing an internship and really
connecting to this approach to fitness and community. As a Division I college athlete, a soccer
player at Gonzaga University, training has always been a large part of Caitlyn’s life. After a knee
injury ended her soccer career at the end of her freshman year, her passion for functional strength training grew. Caitlyn stepped into the head coaching role of the Gonzaga Women’s Club Soccer team, while completing her undergrad degree in Kinesiology. Caitlyn’s passion for
people and health and fitness has lead her into the pursuit of her Master’s degree in Teaching. “I
love being a part of this team, where our focus is helping others reach their fitness goals, while
also empowering them to do whatever it is they would like to accomplish in their lives”.