Have you met Stephanie!

Stephanie is one of the faithful 5:30AM-er's who shows up and get's to work. She started with a story not unusual to what we often see. The dreaded thought of going to the gym, getting on the treadmill, and wondering if it's even going to give you the results you want. Have you ever been there? Maybe you're currently there right now. Stephanie was 9 months ago, but not anymore, she found a solution to the dreaded boredom! "When I started working out with Deliberate Strength I was struggling with boredom. I had a difficult time getting to the gym because the thought of spending more time on a treadmill sounded like torture. I was talking to friends about it one night and they encourage me to

Have you met Becky?

We got to meet Becky a year and a half ago when her friend MaryAnn told her she should come check out the new gym she was going to. Becky was tired of not feeling good in her own body. She felt weak and had knee pain which was limiting her in living the way she wanted. "When I started training at Deliberate Strength 1 and 1/2 years ago I was doing the least physical activity I had ever done in my life and felt horrible. I Started having inflammation in both knees about 3 years prior and it limited EVERYTHING I did as far as physical activity so I stopped doing anything on a regular basis. My joints were sore all the time, I had lost a lot of muscle tone and felt very weak and I hated not fee

Have you met Bonnie?

"I realized I could do what I thought I couln't." It was a Saturday morning and Bonnie was attending her first class at Deliberate Strength with her friend from work. She was nervous, excited, and a little unsure of how things were going to go. She reminded herself that it's just one class and if she makes a fool of herself she won't come back, or have to worry about seeing those people ever again. Bonnie didn't make a fool out of herself. Far from it! She met new people who were friendly and nice. They asked her questions and were excited she was there. During the workout Bonnie got feedback from the coach, who didn't make her feel unable or silly at all, but rather encouraged her and gave

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