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Have you met Jonathan?

Jonathan and Peggy Deadlifting

Meet Jonathan Davis. He has been a part of the Deliberate Strength community for two years now. If you were to walk into the gym, Jonathan would be the first person to introduce himself to you and welcome you to our community. He will also be the first person to give you a huge high five and tell you how awesome you are doing in the workout. He has a big heart and we are all so thankful we have him in our DS community!

Jonathan's Story:

A big turning point for Jonathan was being a part of the 100 Workout Challenge (a challenge to Deliberate Strength Members to train 100 times from July 1st to December 31s).

"Being consistent with my workouts and working towards a goal made a huge difference. In the last six months, through better nutrition, proper supplementation, and consistent workouts I've lost 20lbs, clothes fit much better, and I am probably the strongest I have ever been in my life. Also, working out at DS is the most consistent I've been with anything 'fitness' as an adult. I train at DS so that I can play softball injury free in the summer, have much more strength and endurance to ski with my kids in the winter, and be the active dad my kids deserve."

Jonathan is just one of many stories we get to play a small part in. We have amazing people at Deliberate Strength and more inspiring stories of real people and their achievements.

Jonathan and his

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