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Have you met Becky?

We got to meet Becky a year and a half ago when her friend MaryAnn told her she should come check out the new gym she was going to. Becky was tired of not feeling good in her own body. She felt weak and had knee pain which was limiting her in living the way she wanted.

"When I started training at Deliberate Strength 1 and 1/2 years ago I was doing the least physical activity I had ever done in my life and felt horrible. I Started having inflammation in both knees about 3 years prior and it limited EVERYTHING I did as far as physical activity so I stopped doing anything on a regular basis. My joints were sore all the time, I had lost a lot of muscle tone and felt very weak and I hated not feeling like I could be as active as I wanted. Little did I know the lack of strength in my legs was attributing to my knee problems! "Now I feel so much stronger and more IN my body. I can tell when I'm using certain muscles just in my day to day activity because of the use of my muscles at the gym. I've always said I don't really work out for the physical results because it helps me so much mentally, but I LOVE feeling stronger!!! "This is my second season skiing since I've been coming to DS and already I've noticed a HUGE difference in my stamina on the mountain!!!"

Becky is a great example of consistency and working hard to accomplish her goals! She found a schedule that works for her and she gets to work SO THAT she can feel strong enough to ski and be active the way she wants! We love working with Becky and getting to hear about her skiing adventures!

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