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Have you met Scott and Annette?

Starting something new can create a mix of emotions; fear, uncertainty, and discomfort are not uncommon feelings when starting a new journey. We all go through this any time we embark on something new. Who better to start your journey with than your significant other! That's what Scott and Annette did and they haven't looked back.

Before starting at Deliberate Strength Annette said she told herself she would go in with the attitude that no matter what happens she would at least maintain where she currently was. She soon found that she had so much to learn. Scott said is would be his "first time working out since high school." His right hip hurt him and his left shoulder didn't move well, but they were entering the journey together and going to see what could happen.

After training consistently for 9 months Scott said he gained better range of motion with his shoulder and found no pain on his hip.

"I don't know if it's the stretching or losing weight from the challenge we did at the gym or both, but the results are good/ I've also gained strength and endurance. One goal I've always had is getting the legs in shape for skiing. The real difference was a couple of days after skiing where in the past I could hardly walk after overdoing it; now I have had no soreness afterwards. I'll call it a win!"

Starting at Deliberate Strength was something Annette really wanted for both her and Scott to be able to do together. Annette said;

"As I think back on where Scott and I were a year ago I appreciate so much what Deliberate Strength has done to enrich our lives. Scott is very athletic and he skis and golfs as much as he can. I'm more of a spectator when it comes to sports. Going to the gym has become a priority for us and has also given us something we have in common. We both enjoy the coaches, the people we have met, and the whole healthy lifestyle we are now striving for together. I feel that we raised our three kids to always be physically active and now I'm joining in! My goal a year ago was to keep up with my grandson, Greyson, and to achieve functional fitness and strength. I have certainly achieved that and so much more!"

Scott and Annette's journey has been so fun to watch and we are so grateful to play a small role. They have grown and are dedicated to enrich their lives and make the most out of learning and improving their physical health!

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