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Have you met Theresa?

Theresa is an awesome part of the Deliberate Strength family. The first thing you will notice about Theresa is her bright smile which matches her multicolored water bottle and exudes happiness. She is always smiling and excited to see her workout partners. When Theresa isn't working she is busy riding her horse and doing other chores around her barn such as hauling hay, food, water, and otherwise tending to her animals. She is a barrel racer at heart and wanting to improve her abilities brought her to Deliberate Strength.

"When I joined Deliberate Strength back in May of 2017 I had elbow pain diagnosed as tendonitis, shoulder pain, the numbers from my blood work were high, my endurance was low,

and although I thought I was pretty strong from working in the barn and outside every day I realized I struggled to do exercises without weight when I first tried. My body felt stiff and 'locked.'"

The turning point for Theresa that prompted her to make the commitment was the initial consultation. Rather than being about what she couldn't do and embarrassing measurements, the consultation was focused on her and what her goals were so she could live a good life.

Theresa said that "From the get go, having the personal tailored program set out for me, the encouragement, belief and expectation that I WAS capable of things I didn't believe I was, and excellent instruction combined to push me forward; I was hooked!"I love the people and community as DS as nobody is critical, we're all there just to be the best version of ourselves."

After training at Deliberate Strength Theresa has realized that she can continue to do all the things she loves in life. "My mobility is greatly improved, I've amazed myself with the strength I've developed and I recently had blood work done again and ALL my numbers have dropped! My health care provider was truly amazed as well. I no lover have "elbow tendonitis," shoulder pain, or stiffness. I know feel that I can train and compete on my horses with strength and balance, hike, bike, kayak without fatigue and be a strong and flexible individual." We are so thankful for people like Theresa at Deliberate Strength and guiding them along as they put in the work to achieve their goals!

If you're ready to make progress toward YOUR goals, click the link below to claim your FREE strategy session. You've got nothing to lose!

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